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Team Policies


• We will embrace the concept that our people are our greatest asset by hiring good people, training them and getting out of their way.
• We will take responsibility for our successes and failures; we will celebrate successes and see failures as opportunities for growth.
• We will work hard and have fun!
• We believe our employees need a balance in their life between work and personal time.
• We will practice open communication on a daily basis.
• We will always help each other out to get the job done through constant cross training.


• We will embrace new approaches, insights and challenges.
• We will be leaders in our willingness to change.
• We will always listen to team members, customer's and vendor's ideas.
• We will document and consider every new idea (today's silly idea may be tomorrow's gold mine).


• We will treat everyone the same regardless of background, age, sex, education, or position.
• We will treat others as we would like to be treated.
• We will demonstrate that each other's time is valuable by being on time for meetings.
• We recognize that getting open honest feedback at all levels is critical to our success.
• We will use constructive criticism appropriately and not subject anyone to personal criticism in front of others.
• We will focus on positive input, and will always handle performance issues in private, face to face (not via memo or message).
• We will give all our teammates the recognition and growth opportunities they deserve.


• We will be open and honest with ourselves, our team members, our customers and our business partners.
• We will hold ourselves and our business partners to the highest ethical and moral standards.
• We will always take the high road and never succumb to taking the easy way out.
• We will always strive in our dealings with each other, our customers and our business partners to do the right things for the right reasons.