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Interesting Articles

At Passport Wine & Spirits we want to make wine fun and enjoyable to drink. Below are industry and educational wine & spirits related articles you may find informative and helpful.

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"Rum Juggernaut," May 2009, Market Watch

"The Next South American Entry: Wines from Brazil" Tasting Corner 09, Ed McCarthy

"Tequila Terroir - Can You Tell a Tequila by its Region?" 2009, Jack Robertiello

"Bubble Bath - Choose a sparkling wine for the holidays the way you'd make up a guest list by personality," December 2008, Forbes Life

"Scotch Whisky's Winning Streak," October 2008, Market Watch

"Safety First - Opening sparkling wine should be pop-free," October 2008, Cheers

"Straight Talk - The renaissance of American straight whiskey is flourishing as more consumers discover distllers had the foresight to barrel years ago," September/October 2008, Beverage Dynamics

"Does Vintage Always Matter?," September 2008, Food & Wine

"30 Years of Wine Trends - A Concise History from the World's Most Famous Wine Critic," September 2008, Food & Wine

"Return of a Classic - Sangria moves Upscale, Surging toward a Major Renaissance," July/August 2008, Market Watch

"Robert Mondavi: Remembering a Pioneer," July 2008, Beverage Media

"W.J. Deutsch & Sons Joins Group of Investors to Form Ascentia Wine Estates," July 2008, Beverage Media

"The Middle Tier," May/June 2008, Beverage Dynamics

"Super Tuscans, What's Out There Now," May/June 2008, Beverage Dynamics

"Tequila: Setting New Standards," May/June 2008, Beverage Dynamics

"Sweet Innovation," May/June 2008, Beverage Dynamics

"2004: Another Top Vintage in Piedmont," 2008, Tasting Corner, Ed McCarthy

"Vodka's Room to Run," 2008, Garrett Peck